Public Safety Systems

Managing Risks and Prioritizing Public Safety

Enabling Personal and Public Defence Systems

Public safety threats often emerge unexpectedly. Therefore, it’s essential that law enforcement officers and other emergency response personnel are provided with the resources they need to effectively manage emergencies and critical incidents.

KWESST is committed to developing and commercializing next-generation technologies that deliver tactical advantages for military, security forces, and personal defence.

Optimal Public Safety Solutions


Critical Incident Management System (CIMS)

One of our primary objectives at KWESST is empowering first responders using shared real-time situational awareness. Emergency workers, equipped with incident management technology, can enhance emergency response outcomes and provide improved emergency-response services in our communities.

Our Team Awareness Kit (TAK) is the standard for real- time situational awareness and the coordinated delivery of emergency services. The seamless fusion and sharing of critical information enables effective incident management procedures and reduces the communication-related confusion that can arise during chaotic moments.

CIMS Solution

KWESST’s Critical Incident Management System is revolutionizing the effective and coordinated delivery of emergency services through leading cloud-based technology.

Public Safety Products

KWESST develops and commercializes a professional series of public safety products for public defence, incident management, and close-quarter combat simulation. These non-lethal products are designed to act as a next-generation replacement for the dated legacy systems found on the market today.

Our PARA OPS and ARWEN product lines serve as major assets for law enforcement officers during threatening situations like high-risk arrests and riot control operations.


Diversifying Personal and Public Defence

KWESST’s public safety products allow for reliability and flexibility during tactical missions where non-lethal approaches are essential.

The KWESST Advantage 

Our team is filled with committed and experienced individuals who are proud to provide our clients with:

 Years of experience in the defence and security industry

 Long-standing customer and industry relationships

Unmatched technology systems that deliver a tactical edge

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