The Future of Non-Lethal Defence Solutions

 Discover a revolutionary range of Non-Lethal products designed for special defence, public safety, and realistic training. Our products, PARA OPS and ARWEN, redefine safety, reliability, and effectiveness in next-gen missions.


PARA OPS is a breakthrough in non-lethal systems. It combines the reliability of cartridges, with a polymer projectile, in a low-energy, self-stabilizing configuration for accuracy. PARA OPS products are applicable across a range of missions, including:

  • Personal Defence
  • Public Order
  • Animal Control
  • Realistic Combat Simulation


ARWEN, which stands for “Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield,” are non-lethal products used for personal defence, public safety, and realistic training.

  • Unrivaled Versatility 
  • Innovative Design
  • Precision

Experience the KWESST Difference

At KWESST, we are proud of our cutting-edge non-lethal product lines designed specifically for special defence, public safety, and realistic training purposes. With our PARA OPS and ARWEN offerings, we have ushered in a new era of safe, reliable, and effective tools for next-generation non-lethal missions.

Realistic Training for Optimal Preparedness

Unparalleled Versatility and Innovation

Enhanced Safety for Personnel and Targets

Revolutionary Non-Lethal Products for Every Situation

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