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The ultimate low-profile non-lethal device shoots projectiles containing pepper powder that explode on impact.

Comes equipped with integral light and laser sight for added deterrence and accuracy in low light.

Effective Range: 60 ft
Caliber: .67 caliber

5 Shot-WEB-r - 600x400


Five-shot quick-reload device for self-defense and subjugation of dangerous suspects. Fires pepper powder projectiles that explode on impact.

Comes equipped with an internal high-lumen flashlight and laser sight for added deterrence and accuracy in low light.

5 Round Rotary Magazine

  • Removeable and reloadable 5 round magazine.
  • Automatically advances to next position and loads next round when trigger lever is pulled.

Effective Range: 75 ft
Caliber: .67 caliber

The Reliability of a Cartridge-Based System

No air tanks, seals, or pneumatics.

Low Energy Cartridge

A low-energy cartridge casing and energetic actuator in the base. No gunpowder or pneumatics. Automatically stabilizes specialized projectiles in flight. Calibrated actuator for approximately 17 joules of energy. Velocities and muzzle energy are far below the “lethal” threshold.

Specialized Projectiles

Payloads come pre-loaded into cartridges. Payloads include: incapacitating pepper, inert colored powder, and a solid slug.

Launchers for
Personal and Professional Use

Specialized launchers that fire only the Para-Ops cartridge. Devices include a single-shot and live-shot flashlight for personal security. Launchers also include automatic pistols and carbines for non-lethal operations and force-on-force training.

A Pedigree of World-Leading, Non-Lethal Innovation

Creator of PARA OPS™ Low Energy Cartridge system, founder of Simunition™, and former CEO and Chairman of United Tactical Systems, exclusive manufacturer and global supplier of PepperBall™.


David Luxton

Executive Chairman, KWESST Micro Systems Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is PARA OPS?

PARA OPS is a breakthrough in non-lethal systems. It combines the reliability of a cartridge with a polymer projectile in a low-energy self-stabilizing configuration for accuracy. There is no gunpowder, compressed air or CO2. Projectiles come in a choice of payloads appropriate to the mission, whether personal defense, public order or realistic tactical simulation. Cartridges fire from a low-cost dedicated launcher that can look like a firearm, a TV remote control, a flashlight, or any hybrid or custom design. Launchers fire only PARA OPS cartridges and will not accept live ammunition. Projectile payloads include incapacitating pepper powder, inert colored powder for training, and solid slugs for practice or pain compliance. In addition to firing PARA OPS projectiles, certain models of PARA OPS launchers include additional deterrents such as high-lumen flashlight, high-decibel alarm, and laser sight.

Who are PARA OPS products intended for?

PARA OPS products are applicable across a range of missions, including: personal defense; public order such as riot control and subjugation of dangerous offenders; animal control; and realistic combat simulation.

How is PARA OPS different from other less-lethal or non-lethal systems?

Existing systems on the market are typically high-energy if they are cartridge based and can be lethal, or are air-based and likely to be less lethal but may not function reliably due to the complexities of pneumatic firing platforms which have synthetic seals and “O” rings that can and do fail. PARA OPS combines the proven reliability of cartridge-based functioning with low-energy activation and non-lethal projectiles.

If PARA OPS isn’t powered by compressed air or CO2 or gun powder, then how is it powered?

PARA OPS cartridges are powered by an actuator in the base of the cartridge casing much like a primer cap used in real ammunition but calibrated to deliver a specified energy well below a lethal threshold, typically between 250 and 450 ft/sec and approximately 17 joules, depending on the launcher model and the PARA OPS cartridge type and caliber.

What different calibers do PARA OPS cartridges come in?

Cartridges currently come in .67 caliber for “non-reciprocating” firing platforms, and will soon also be available in .49 caliber as well. Also, .41 caliber cartridges will be available for automatic launchers like pistols and carbines.

Will PARA OPS launchers fire live ammunition?

No. PARA OPS launchers are chambered in an off-size caliber and will not accept or fire live ammunition of any known caliber.

Will PARA OPS cartridges fire in real firearms?

The .67 caliber PARA OPS cartridge may fire in 12 gauge shotguns and 12 gauge flare guns.

When will PARA OPS products be available?

The PARA OPS Professional Series is available to order now for law enforcement and government agencies. Personal protection variants will be available Summer 2023.

Is PARA OPS legal to own and carry? Will I need a license?

The PARA OPS Personal Series in .49 caliber will be available to licensed gun owners this summer. Government customers may order the professional series in .67 caliber now.

Will PARA OPS products be available for export?

Yes, products will be available to authorized countries and importers.

What are the different kinds of PARA OPS cartridges and projectile payloads?

Cartridges in .67, .49, or .41 caliber come in three variants: solid slug for practice; inert colored powder for training; and incapacitating pepper powder for operational use.

How much will PARA OPS products cost?

The design of the PARA OPS system makes it inherently cheaper to manufacture than other products on the market and will therefore be priced very competitively. Depending on the launcher model and quantities, the price will be anywhere from $125-$375, and cartridges will be about 25 cents for practice rounds and up to $5.00 for premium operational pepper powder cartridges.

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