Military Systems

Empowering Military Forces Through Next-Generation Technology

Digitizing the Tactical Edge

Modern advancements have changed the way military operations are being conducted around the world, and the ability to adapt and leverage novel technologies is proving to deliver a significant advantage on the battlefield.

KWESST is committed to developing and commercializing next-generation technologies that deliver tactical advantages for military, security forces, and personal defence.

Enhancing Soldier Lethality and Survivability


Digitizing the Modern Battlefield

Our digitization technologies are focused on meeting the challenge of fully digitizing the “tactical edge.” KWESST develops next-generation technology systems to provide military forces with real-time situational awareness and coordinated firing capabilities. 

KWESST’s Team Awareness Kit (TAK) is a tactical application that enables the efficient, real-time sharing of critical information on the battlefield. The TAK software is a foundational battle management tool and is designed for effective mission planning, mission execution, and additional mesh networking needs.

Digital Capabilities

KWESST is dedicated to digitizing soldiers, at all levels, by delivering the necessary tools that will keep them safe and effective on the battlefield. 

Counter-Threat Technology

Keeping troops aware, connected, and alive is one of our guiding missions at KWESST. Our counter-threat technologies are designed with first-hand knowledge of a soldier’s needs on the battlefield.

The Battlefield Laser Detection System (BLDS) and the Phantom™ Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Operations System (EMSO) are valuable technological resources that ensure troops are fully equipped to anticipate and mitigate threats on the battlefield.


Enabling Soldier Survivability

KWESST’s counter-threat technologies are designed to provide soldiers with real-time signal analysis and next level tactical edge survivability resources to detect and alleviate threats on the battlefield.

The KWESST Advantage 

Our team consists of committed and experienced individuals who are proud to provide our clients with:

 Years of experience in the defence and security industry

 Long-standing customer and industry relationships

Unmatched technology systems that deliver a tactical edge

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